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Inside-Out Surrey

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting services, require a domestic or commercial refurbishment, Inside-Out Surrey have the expertise and experience to get the job done on time and to the highest of standards.

From the pre-paint repairs through to completion of your refurbishment projects our friendly and efficient staff are with you every step of the way to make sure everything runs to plan.

Our Core Services and Expertise

·Internal and External painting
·Repaints – residential and commercial.
·New Builds – residential and commercial.
· Office Buildings – new, repaints or maintenance
· Pre-paint repairs: patching, sanding, gapping, puttying all imperfections
· Grinding and removing paint.
· Commercial buildings – maintenance
· Colour matching from photos and swatches
· Minor plaster repairs including expansion joints
· Mould and water damage repair work
· Textured finishes and Airless Spraying
· Wallpapering, Faux finishes, Digital Murals & Feature Walls
· Painted or stained timber
· Concrete and metal finishes


· Itemised quotation for complete breakdown needs.
· Fixed Price work as well as Day Rate.
· Residential and Commercial contracts.
· On-going contracts with Builders.
· Ability to undertake multiple projects at any one time.
· We are able to reschedule jobs to start to suit every client’s needs.
· We have an extensive list of Painters as well as other Tradesman that can be called upon as and when necessary.

Competitive Skills:

· We deliver the highest quality level attainable on every project we undertake.
· We are on-schedule, responsive and prompt with every request and contract requirement.
· We will provide fully qualified and technically capable staff.
· We will communicate frequently, professionally and effectively.
· We will be fair and competitive in pricing and strive to provide customers with the best value on every project.
· In our 8 years of operation we have met every contract cost, schedule and performance requirement for every contract we have been awarded


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